Announcing MOSN v0.21.0

MOSN v0.21.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.21.0, congratulations to Zechao Zheng(@CodingSinger) on becoming a MOSN Committer and thanks for his contribution to the MOSN community.



  • Upgrade sentinel version to v1.0.2 @ansiz
  • Shrink the read buffer of tls when read timeout, reduce tls memory consumption @cch123
  • Add comments and simplify the implementation of the xprotocol protocol connpool @cch123
  • Update the mosn registry version @cadeeper @cch123


  • Optimize header matching logic when routing, support general RPC routing matching implementation @nejisama
  • Delete some of the original constants and add constants used to describe the mechanism of variables @nejisama
  • Refactor flow control module, support custom callback extension, realize the ability to customize filter conditions and modify context information, etc @ansiz

Bug fixes

  • Fix metrics statistics error when request is abnormal @cch123
  • Fix the bug that the URL is not escaping before forwarding HTTP request @antJack
  • Fix the variable injection errors in HTTP protocol, Fix the bug that routing rewrite is not supported in the HTTP2 protocol @nejisama

New Features

  • Support Domain-Specific Language route implementation @CodingSinger
  • StreamFilter supports the dynamic link libraries written in Go @CodingSinger
  • VirtualHost supports per_filter_config configuration in routing configuration @machine3
  • Xprotocol supports dubbo thrift protocol @cadeeper