Announcing MOSN v0.20.0

MOSN v0.20.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.20.0, congratulations to Huang Runhao(@GLYASAI) on becoming a MOSN Committer and thanks for his contribution to the MOSN community.



  • Add UDS address prefix check before UDS resolution when TCP address resolution fails @wangfakang
  • Optimized the retrial interval for connection pool acquisition @nejisama
  • Add global switch for write loop mode @nejisama
  • Optimize auto protocol matching and add test cases @taoyuanyuan
  • Replace the headers with more efficient variables @CodingSinger
  • Pool the writeBufferChan timer to reduce overhead @cch123
  • Add MOSN failure detail info into TraceLog @nejisama
  • New read done channel in HTTP protocol processing @alpha-baby
  • Enhance logger rotator @nejisama


  • Upgrade to golang 1.14.13 @nejisama
  • Refactor router chain extension mode to the route handler extension mode, support different router handler configuration @nejisama
  • Refactor MOSN extended configuration, support load config according to configuration order @nejisama

Bug fixes

  • Fix the bug no provider available occurred after dubbo2.7.3 @cadeeper
  • Fix the bug that UDS connections were treated as TCP connections in netpoll mode @wangfakang
  • Fix the problem that the HTTP Header cannot be obtained correctly when it is set to an empty value @ianwoolf

New Features

  • Support old Mosn transfer configuration to new Mosn through UDS to solve the issue that Mosn in XDS mode cannot be smoothly upgraded @alpha-baby
  • Automatic protocol identification supports the identification of XProtocol @cadeeper
  • Support configuration of the keepalive parameters for XProtocol @cch123
  • Support more detailed time tracking @nejisama
  • Support metrics lazy registration to optimize metrics memory when number of service in cluster is too large @champly
  • Add setter function for default XProtocol multiplex connection pool size @cch123
  • Support netpoll @cch123
  • Support broadcast @dengqian
  • Support get tls configurations from LDS response @wZH-CN
  • Add ACK response for SDS @wZH-CN