Announcing MOSN v0.15.0

MOSN v0.15.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.15.0, congratulations to Deng Qian (@dengqian) on becoming a MOSN Committer and thanks for her contribution to the MOSN community.


New Features

  • Routing Path Rewrite supports configuring the content of Rewrite by regular expression @liangyuanpeng
  • Configure new fields: Extended configuration fields, you can start the configuration by extending the configuration fields; Dubbo service discovery configuration via extended configuration fields @cch123
  • New DSL feature for easy control of request processing behavior @wangfakang
  • Extended implementation of StreamFilter with new traffic mirroring function @champly
  • Listener configuration adds UDP support @dengqian
  • Configuration format support YAML format parsing @GLYASAI
  • Routing support for HTTP redirect configuration @knight42


  • Istio’s stats filter for personalizing metrics based on matching criteria @wzshiming
  • Metrics configuration support to configure the output percentage of the Histogram @champly
  • StreamFilter New state for aborting requests directly and not responding to clients @taoyuanyuan
  • XProtocol hijack response support carry body @champly
  • Apache SkyWalking upgrade to version 0.5.0 arugal
  • Upstream Connection TLS State Determination Modification to support the determination of whether a connection needs to be re-established via a TLS-configured Hash @nejisama
  • Optimize DNS cache logic to prevent DNS flooding issues that can be caused when DNS fails @wangfakang

Bug fixes

  • Fix the bug that XProtocol protocols determine protocol errors in scenarios with multiple protocols when TLS encryption is enabled @nejisama
  • Fix bug in AccessLog where variables of prefix match type don’t work @dengqian
  • Fix bug where Listener configuration parsing is not handled correctly @nejisama
  • Fix Router/Cluster bug that fails to save when the Name field contains a path separator in the file persistence configuration type @nejisama