Announcing MOSN v0.12.0

MOSN v0.12.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.12.0. Thanks to Sun Fuze (@peacocktrain) for his great contribution to this release, certified as commiter🎉 by MOSN Community Leaders.

You can see the changelog below.

New Features

  • Support Skywalking @arugal
  • Stream Filter adds a new phase of Receive Filter execution, which allows you to execute Receive Filter @wangfakang again after MOSN has finished routing Host
  • HTTP2 supports streaming @peacocktrain @taoyuanyuan
  • FeatureGate adds interface KnownFeatures to output current FeatureGate status @nejisama
  • Provide a protocol-transparent way to obtain requested resources (PATH, URI, ARG), with the definition of resources defined by each protocol itself @wangfakang
  • New load balancing algorithm


  • XProtocol protocol engine optimization @neverhook
    • Modifies the XProtocol heartbeat response interface to support the protocol’s heartbeat response to return more information
    • Optimize connpool for heartbeat triggering, only heartbeats will be triggered if the protocol for heartbeats is implemented
  • Dubbo library dependency version updated from v1.5.0-rc1 to v1.5.0 @cch123
  • API Adjustments, HostInfo added health check related interface @wangfakang
  • Optimize circuit breaking function @wangfakang
  • Responsible for balanced selection logic simplification, Hosts of the same address multiplex the same health check mark @nejisama @cch123
  • Optimize HTTP building logic and improve HTTP building performance @wangfakang
  • Log rotation logic triggered from writing logs, adjusted to timed trigger @nejisama
  • Typo fixes @xujianhai666 @candyleer

Bug Fix

  • Fix the xDS parsing fault injection configuration error @champly
  • Fix the request hold issue caused by the MOSN HTTP HEAD method @wangfakang
  • Fix a problem with missing StatusCode mappings in the XProtocol engine @neverhook
  • Fix the bug for DirectReponse triggering retries @taoyuanyuan