Announcing MOSN v0.13.0

MOSN v0.13.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.13.0.

New Features

  • Support Strict DNS Cluster @dengqian
  • Stream Filter @wangfakang that supports GZip processing
  • Dubbo service registry complete Beta version @cch123
  • Stream Filter @NeGnail that supports standalone fault isolation
  • Integrated Sentinel flow limiting capability @ansiz


  • Optimize implementation of EDF LB and re-implement WRR LB using EDF @CodingSinger
  • Configure to get ADMIN API optimizations, add features and environment variable related ADMIN API @nejisama
  • Update that triggers a health check when updating Host changed from asynchronous mode to synchronous mode @nejisama
  • Updated the Dubbo library to optimize the performance of Dubbo Decode @zonghaishang
  • Optimize Metrics output in Prometheus, using regularity to filter out illegal Key @nejisama
  • Optimize MOSN’s return status code @wangfakang

Bug fix

  • Fix concurrent conflict issues with health check registration callback functions @nejisama
  • Fix the error where the configuration persistence function did not handle the null configuration correctly @nejisama
  • Fix the problem that DUMP as a file fails when ClusterName/RouterName is too long @nejisama
  • Fix the problem of not getting the XProtocol protocol correctly when getting it @wangfakang
  • Fix the problem with fetching the wrong context when creating StreamFilter @wangfakang