Announcing MOSN v0.11.0

MOSN v0.11.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.11.0. You can see the changelog below.

New features

  • Support the extension of Listener Filter, the transparent hijacking capability is implemented based on Listener Filter @wangfakang
  • New Set method for variable mechanism @neverhook
  • Added automatic retry and exception handling when SDS Client fails @pxzero
  • Improve TraceLog and support injecting context @taoyuanyuan
  • Added FeatureGate auto_config, when the feature is enabled, the dynamically updated configuration will be saved to the startup configuration @nejisama


  • Refactored XProtocol Engine and reimplemented SOFARPC protocol @neverhook
    • Removed SOFARPC Healthcheck filter and changed to xprotocol’s built-in heartbeat implementation
    • Removed the original protocol conversion (protocol conv) support of the SOFARPC protocol, and added a new protocol conversion extension implementation capability based on stream filter
    • xprotocol adds idle free and keepalive
    • Protocol analysis and optimization
  • Modify the Encode method parameters of HTTP2 protocol @taoyuanyuan
  • Streamlined LDS interface parameters @nejisama
  • Modified the routing configuration model, abandoned connection_manager @nejisama


  • Optimize Upstream dynamic domain name resolution mechanism @wangfakang
  • Optimized TLS encapsulation, added error log, and modified timeout period in compatibility mode @nejisama
  • Optimize timeout setting, use variable mechanism to set timeout @neverhook
  • Dubbo parsing library dependency upgraded to 1.5.0 @cch123
  • Reference path migration script adds OS adaptation @taomaree

Bug fix

  • Fix the problem of losing query string during HTTP2 protocol forwarding @champly