Announcing MOSN v0.17.0

MOSN v0.17.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.17.0.


New Features

  • Add header max size configuration option. @wangfakang
  • Add protocol impement choice whether need workerpool mode. And support workerpool mode concurrent configuration. @cch123
  • Add UDS feature for listener. @CodingSinger
  • Add dubbo protocol use xDS httproute config filter. @champly


  • Optimiza http situation buffer malloc. @wangfakang
  • Optimize RWMutex for SDS StreamClient. @nejisama
  • Update hessian2 v1.7.0 lib. @cch123
  • Modify NewStream interface, use callback replace direct. @cch123
  • Refactor XProtocol connect pool, support pingpong mode, mutiplex mode and bind mode. @cch123
  • Optimize XProtocol mutiplex mode, support Host max connect configuration. @cch123
  • Optimize route regex config avoid dump unuse config. @wangfakang

Bug fixes

  • Fix README ant logo invalid address. @wangfakang
  • Fix header override content when set a longer header to request header. @cch123
  • Fix Dubbo protocol analysis attachment maybe panic. @champly