Announcing MOSN v0.14.0

MOSN v0.14.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.14.0. Congratulations to Changyu Yao (@trainyao) for becoming a MOSN Committer and thank him for his contribution to the MOSN community.


New Features

  • Support for Istio 1.5.X @wangfakang @trainyao @champly
    • go-control-plane upgrade to version 0.9.4
    • xDS support for ACK, new Metrics for xDS.
    • Istio sourceLabels filtering support
    • probe interface with pilot-agent support
    • support for more startup parameters, adapting to Istio agent startup scenarios
    • gzip, strict-dns, original-dst support for xDS updates.
    • Remove Xproxy Logic
  • Maglev Load Balancing Algorithm Support @trainyao
  • New connection pool implementation for supporting message class requests @cch123
  • New Metrics for TLS Connection Switching @nejisama
  • Metrics for adding HTTP StatusCode @dengqian
  • Add Metrics Admin API output @dengqian
  • New interface to query the number of current requests for proxy @zonghaishang
  • Support for HostRewrite Header @liangyuanpeng


  • Upgrade tars dependencies to fix compilation issues with higher versions of Golang @wangfakang
  • xDS Configuration Analysis Upgrade Adaptation Istio 1.5.x @wangfakang
  • Optimize log output from proxy @wenxuwan
  • DNS Cache default time changed to 15s @wangfakang
  • HTTP Parameter Route Matching Optimization @wangfakang
  • Upgrade the fasthttp library @wangfakang
  • Optimizing Dubbo Request Forwarding Encoding @zonghaishang
  • Request max body configurable for HTTP support @wangfakang

Bug fixes

  • Fix Dubbo Decode bug that fails to parse attachment @champly
  • Fix bug where streams could be created before HTTP2 connection is established @dunjut
  • Fix HTTP2 Handling Trailer null pointer exception @taoyuanyuan
  • Fix bug where HTTP request headers are not standardized by default @nejisama
  • Fix panic exceptions caused by disconnected connections during HTTP request processing @wangfakang
  • Fix read/write lock copy issue with dubbo registry @champly