Announcing MOSN v0.16.0

MOSN v0.16.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.16.0.



  • Logger Roller supports the custom Roller. @wenxuwan
  • Add a SendHijackReplyWithBody API for streamFilter. @wenxuwan
  • The configuration adds option of turning off the smooth upgrade. If the smooth upgrade is turned off, different instances of MOSN can be started on the same machine. @cch123+ Optimize the MOSN integration test framework and add more unit test cases. @nejisama @wangfakang @taoyuanyuan
  • DirectResponse route configuration supports the update mode of XDS. @wangfakang
  • Add a new field of TLSContext for clusterManager configuration. @nejisama

Bug fixes

  • Fix the bug that UDP connection timeout during the smooth upgrade will cause an endless loop. @dengqian
  • Fix the bug that call DirectResponse in the SendFilter will cause an endless loop. @taoyuanyuan
  • Fix concurrency conflicts in HTTP2 stream counting. @wenxuwan
  • Fix the bug that UDP connection read timeout cause data loss. @dengqian
  • Fix the bug that the response StatusCode cannot be recorded correctly due to the loss of the protocol flag when doing a retry. @dengqian
  • Fix the protocol boltv2 decode error. @nejisama
  • Fix the bug that listener cannot be restarted automatically when listener panic. @alpha-baby
  • Fix the bug that NoCache flag is invalid in variable. @wangfakang
  • Fix concurrency conflicts in SDS reconnect. @nejisama