Announcing MOSN v0.10.0

MOSN v0.10.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.10.0. You can see the changelog below.

New features

  • Support multi-process plugin mode (#979, @taoyuanyuan)
  • Startup parameters support service-meta parameters (#952, @trainyao)
  • Supports abstract UDS mode to mount SDS socket


  • Separate some MOSN base library code into package
  • Separate MOSN interface definition to package


  • The log basic module is separated into, and the log of MOSN is optimized
  • Optimize FeatureGate (#927, @nejisama)
  • Added processing when failed to get SDS configuration
  • When CDS deletes a cluster dynamically, it will stop the health check corresponding to the cluster
  • The callback function when SDS triggers certificate update adds certificate configuration as a parameter

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a memory leak issue when SOFARPC Oneway request failed
  • Fixed the issue of 502 error when receiving non-standard HTTP response
  • Fixed possible conflicts during DUMP configuration
  • Fixed the error of Request and Response Size of TraceLog statistics
  • Fixed write timeout failure due to concurrent write connections
  • Fixed serialize bug
  • Fixed the problem that the memory reuse buffer is too large when the connection is read, causing the memory consumption to be too high
  • Optimize Dubbo related implementation in XProtocol