Announcing MOSN v0.18.0

MOSN v0.18.0 changelog.

We are happy to announce the release of MOSN v0.18.0.


New Features


  • Avoid copying http response body @wangfakang
  • Upgrade package, to v1.1.4 @champly
  • Add test for various connpool @cch123
  • Use sync.Pool to reduce memory cost by TLS connection outBuf @cch123
  • Reduce xprotocol lock area @cch123
  • Remove useless parameter of network.NewClientConnection method, remove ALPN detection in Dispatch method of struct streamConn @nejisama
  • Add TerminateStream API to StreamReceiverFilterHandler, with which stream can be reset during handling @nejisama
  • Add client TLS fallback @nejisama
  • Fix TLS HashValue in host @nejisama
  • Fix disable_log admin api typo @nejisama

Bug fixes

  • Fix go mod tidy failing @champly
  • Fix ResourceExhausted: grpc: received message larger than max when MOSN receive > 4M XDS messages @champly
  • Fix fault tolerance unit-test @wangfakang
  • Fix MOSN reconfig fails when MOSNConfig.servers[].listeners[].bind_port is false @alpha-baby
  • Set timeout for local write buffer send, avoid goroutine leak @cch123
  • Fix deadloop when TLS timeout @nejisama
  • Fix data isn’t modified by SetData method in dubbo.Frame struct @lxd5866