MOSN overview

The basic description of MOSN.

MOSN is a powerful cloud native proxy written in Golang. As a cloud-native network data plane, MOSN is designed to provide services with multi-protocol, modular, intelligent, and secure proxy capabilities. MOSN is the short name of Modular Open Smart Network. MOSN can be integrated with any Service Mesh that supports the xDS API. It can also be used for other purposes, such as independent Layer 4 or 7 load balancer, API gateway, and cloud-native ingress.

Quick start

For details, see Quick start.

Core capabilities

  • Istio integration
    • Integrates Istio 1.0 and V4 API to run in full dynamic resource configuration mode
  • Core forwarding
    • Supports a self-contained server
    • Supports the TCP proxy
    • Supports the TProxy mode
  • Multi-protocol
    • Supports HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2
    • Supports SOFARPC
    • Supports Dubbo
    • Supports Tars
  • Core routing
    • Supports virtual host-based routing
    • Supports headers/URL/prefix-based routing
    • Supports host metadata-based subset routing
    • Supports retries
  • Back-end management & load balancing
    • Supports connection pools
    • Supports circuit breaker
    • Supports active back-end health check
    • Supports load balancing policies such as random and RR
    • Supports host metadata-based subset load balancing policies
  • Observability
    • Observes network data
    • Observes protocol data
  • TLS
    • Supports HTTP/1.1 on TLS
    • Supports HTTP/2.0 on TLS
    • Supports SOFARPC on TLS
  • Process management
    • Supports smooth reload
    • Supports hot upgrades
  • Extension capabilities
    • Supports custom private protocols
    • Supports custom extensions at the TCP I/O layer and protocol layer

MOSN Community

The MOSN open-source community is developing rapidly and expecting continuous improvements. You are all welcome to join us.

For a more detailed description of the MOSN community check out the mosn/community repo, if you have any questions, submit issues.

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