The FilterChain configurations of MOSN.

This topic describes the FilterChain configurations of MOSN.

FilterChain configurations are core logic configurations for MOSN listeners. Different FilterChain configurations describe how a listener handles requests.

Currently, a MOSN listener supports only one FilterChain.

The FilterChain configuration structure is shown as follows.

  "tls_context": {},
  "tls_context_set": [],
  "filters": []


  • Settings for a group of tls_context. MOSN uses tls_context_set to describe the TLS certificate information of a listener by default.
  • A listener supports multiple TLS certificates simultaneously.


  • Setting a single tls_context instead of tls_context_set is required for backward compatibility of MOSN (for earlier versions that support configuring only one certificate). This setting method will be gradually abandoned.
  • For details about the tls_context configuration, see the tls_context.


Settings of a group of network filters.

network filter

network filter specifies how MOSN processes connection data at layer 4 after a connection is established.

  "config": {}
  • type is a string that describes the filter type.
  • config can be any json values that describe configurations of different filters.
  • network filter supports custom extensions. The following types are supported by default: proxy, tcp proxy, and connection_manager.
    • connection_manager is a special filter used with proxy. It describes the router configurations of proxy and may be modified subsequently as a compatibility configuration.