The proxy configurations in Network Filter.

proxy is the most common network filter in MOSN and is configured in the following format:

  • downstream_protocol: The request protocol that the proxy expects to receive. When receiving data from a connection, MOSN uses this protocol to parse and forward packets. If the received packet protocol does not comply with the configuration, MOSN closes the connection.
  • upstream_protocol: The protocol used by the proxy to forward data. Usually, this field needs to be consistent with downstream_protocol. Protocol conversion is performed only in special scenarios.
  • router_config_name: The router configuration index of the proxy. Usually, this field is consistent with router_config_name configured in connection_manager of the listener.
  • extend_config: The extension configuration, used only in XProtocol of MOSN currently.
Last modified August 17, 2023: release v1.6.0 (#241) (73cfbff)