Create a page

The topic shows you about how to create a MOSN document page.


Before you start to write a MOSN document, create a MOSN document repository and be familiar with the MOSN document structure.

Page types


The documentation that systematically describe how to use MOSN are maintained by the MOSN team.


The periodically published MOSN blogs are contributed by the community.


The news about the MOSN community.


Release notes about new versions of MOSN.

Topic structure

All topics of the MOSN documentation are saved under the content directory: content/zh for Chinese topics, and content/en for English topics. To create a topic under an existing one, you need to first create a directory and comply with the following naming rules:

  • Name all topics without sub-directories as
  • Name all topics with sub-directories as

Topic metadata

Each topic has its metadata, which is separated by three hyphens ("-") between two YAML blocks. The following metadata is required:

linkTitle: "Title"
date: 2020-02-11
weight: 1
description: >
  The brief description of the page.

Details are described as follows:

  • title: The title of the topic.
  • linkTitle: The topic title displayed in the left-side content pane, which is usually consistent with title.
  • date: The date when the topic was created, in the YYYY-MM-dd format.
  • weight: Among topics of the same level, the one with the smallest weight is displayed at the top in the left-side content pane.
  • description: The brief description of the document.

Author information is required for blogs, releases notes, and news articles:

author: "Author information"

Note: The value of author can be edited in the Markdown format.

Naming conventions

The URL of a document is determined based on the level of its directory. Document directories are named according to the following conventions:

  • Use English names
  • Connect words with hyphens
  • Avoid punctuation marks
  • Minimize the name
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